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MJ Sport Performance

Unlocking potential, enhancing performance: Elevate your game with MJ Sport Performance's precision testing.

MJ Sport Performance aims to provide sport science to athletes and those involved in sporting teams that compete at an amateur or semi-professional level who may not usually get the opportunity or have the funding to access sport science testing. The ultimate aim is to help improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

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The Concept

The concept behind MJ Sport Performance has been an idea of mine for a number of years. When working as a Physiologist at Nuffield Health and volunteering at a local football club as a sport scientist I wondered why we could not expand the appeal and use of sport science. 


When you look at the use of sport science in athletics and sport it is only aimed at those competing at an elite level. There is no sport science services provided for those that compete at a semi-professional or amateur. 

Therefore, we have developed this service to meet the needs of lower level sporting personnel, made it affordable so everyone can use it and have designed it so it is easy to understand and attractive to everyone who decides to use it. 

The Team


Ash United F.C.
Woking RFC
Tongham FC
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