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Physiology Testing

We offer a range of field testing that is broken down into 12 key physiological traits. These are split into fitness and skill based physiological traits. We can offer testing as a whole package or focused on specific areas of interest.

The 7 physiological skill traits include:

  • Speed

  • Acceleration

  • Balance

  • Power

  • Agility

  • Reaction time

  • Coordination

The 5 physiological traits include of fitness inlcude:

  • VO2 max

  • Body composition

  • Flexibility

  • Strength endurance

  • Muscular strength

Initial Consultation

This gives you the opportunity to discuss what we offer with one of our team members. We will set up a call with the management and we can run you through the tests we complete, the time it takes and we will show you the options for the data feedback you can receive.

Book in for an initial consultation if you would like to know more about what we offer, it's free!

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Team testing

At MJ Sport Performance, we enjoy working with teams and feel that teams can benefit a lot from the use of sport science in improving both team and individual performance. 

We offer a variety of testing for teams and the field testing we perform will be bespoke for the type of sport you complete to ensure the test results are relevant.

We would recommend testing in the pre-season, at various points through the season and at the end of the season to make the most out of these results and find out if your team are improving thorugh the season.

If you are interested in having your team tested then do please get in touch and we would be more than happy to quote you a price. 

Individual Testing

We never forget the individuals, with so many sports that require individual participation it is important to get a gauge of your physiological performance through the year and we enjoy the opportunity to work with and get to know individual performers. Even if you are part of a team and want to improve of your own accord, we are here for you.

We will ensure that our field testing is adapted to your individual sport to ensure it is relevant in helping you to improve your performance.

If you do not find any of our packages that fit your needs, please do get in contact and we are happy to create a more bespoke package that meets your needs.

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Bespoke Testing Packages

For our team and individual testing we run a standardised 9 test package, which excludes Muscular strength, reaction time and coordination. This is generally due to the complicated nature and time restraints in trying to test these areas.

However, we offer the opportunity to customise your testing package to make it fit with what you want. Should you just want to gauge your fitness based physiological traits, or your skills based traits, or even mix and match the tests of your choice, just send us an enquiry and we would be more than happy to build and test those for you.

Testing Packages

Below are a series of testing packages that we offer. Have a look and see if any suit you or you can always create your own bespoke package.

MJ's Special physiology testing

This is where we complete testing on 4 of the 5 fitness based physiological traits and 5 of the 7 skill based traits.

Basic Package physiology testing

This package is shorter and more succinct, but targets the essentials for every athlete. 

Fitness Package physiology testing

This targets 4 of the 5 fitness based physiological traits excluding muscular strength.

The Full Works physiology testing

This package tests all of the fitness and skill based physiological traits.

Skill Package physiology testing

This targets 5 of the 7 skill based physioligcal traits excluding reaction time and coordination.

The Hybrid physiology testing

This package is designed for those that want to test the more interesting areas and saving time through missing out others.

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