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Data Analysis

With our testing package you will obtain a basic overview of all your results that you can use to help you improve your physiological scores and through this, your performance.

However, with out data analysis package we will provide you with a bespoke report that gives you a more in depth overview on how you have scored against normative values, give you visual representations on your current levels for each trait and even provide you with a FIFA pace score should you be interested.

With the data analysis package, for any areas that you have scored low on, we will also give you a basic overview on techniques, drills and exercises you can complete to improve this and how to implement this into your weekly routine to fit alongside your sport and exercise commitments.

If you like stats, want to find out how you have really done and want to get the most out of the testing, then the data analysis is for you.

We aim to provide you detailed feedback and data based on the results you obtained in your physiology testing.
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