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Richard Morgan-Jones (MSc, PgDip)

Hi, I'm Rich. I am the co-founder of MJ Sport Performance and an experienced Sport Scientist. I have a huge passion for helping athletes reach their sporting goals and enjoy utilising the data gained from completing testing to help you achieve them. MJ Sport Performance is my brain child, however, I never would have MJ Sport Science off the ground without the help of Stan. We enjoy working together and we enjoy going out to meet, test and help new individuals and teams.

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A Bit About Me

I started as a Sport Scientist a little later in life after deciding to go to university when I was 24. After looking through a catalogue of degree options I spotted sport science and thought that's for me! I have always had a passion for playing and following sport and was always more keen on the scientific elements at school.


I graduated from the University of Winchester with a Masters in Applied Sport & Exercise Science, a level 3 REPS qualification and a ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist qualification in 2016. During my time at Winchester I worked as a sport scientist in athletics, football and rugby, working with the Winchester athletics team, Farnborough rugby and Aldershot Town and Basingstoke Town Football Clubs. After qualifying, I became Lead Sport Scientist for the Basingstoke Town FC Academy and held this position for a year before I found a job as a Physiologist at Nuffield Health. This took me away from the sporting side, with a focus on more health based physiology testing for patients. However, it helped me to develop my physiology testing ideas that could be utilised in the Sport Science world.


Whilst I was working full time I started to build the concept behind MJ Sport Performance where when I first had the idea, I volunteered at Westfield FC to help them with their sport science and help improve player performance. Unfortunately a change of managers at the club put a stop to this and it was put on the back burners for a while. Stan joined me at Nuffield and it was at this point we discussed and enhanced the idea of the service and it was through his links to Ash FC that we did a few testing sessions with the team, which proved to be very successful and one of the key reasons we decided to launch this. We really hope you find this service of use and do not hesitate to send any questions our way.



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